Customs Clearance – General / Over Border Cargo

dibai-fze-customs-clearanceSupported by Global Road Transportation Services our freight partners posses the authority to offer you customs clearances. Our freight management services spare customers the trouble of encountering customs related issues. Our customs clearance solution are fully equipped to deal with all customs related procedures including documentation paperwork and clearance for inbound and outbound Cargo. Our support team even goes to the length of trying to locate the cargo at the request of our valued customers. Among the major services provided by our expert team are door to door delivery and shifting of residences.

Collaborating with some of the reputable freight service providers, we have specialized in the customs clearance of goods around the globe. We continue to serve as a reliable intermediary between exporters/importers and customs. Our customs clearance services are characterized by consistency and a sense of commitment to meet the real requirements of customers. Our technical representative will tackle all custom related concerns on our customers’ behalf. Our authorized customs clearance agents and Cargo Forwarders have the necessary eligibility to clear the custom’s paper work on behalf of our clients.